What Makes Zagreb’s Film Screenings and Premieres Worth Attending?

The festival’s main competition program features debut films by such directors as Steve McQueen, Anton Corbijn, Radu Jude and Xavier Dolan – among many others.
Ersatz, which won Zagreb Film their sole Academy Award and is considered their signature work, may be considered their masterpiece.
With its stylized yet satirical interpretation of reality, it truly defines the studio’s signature style.

The Movies

Films shown at the festival are shown with Croatian subtitles for maximum accessibility to all audiences. And for those wishing to revisit classic or cult films from past festivals, special screenings of classic or cult titles that are theatrically distributed after the festival concludes are also organized.

This year’s competition program boasts several outstanding films that will hit theatres by late November. Josip Zuvan’s debut feature Carbide will delight all who appreciate authentic, realistic stories set against an intimate mudscape and family feud between two families; its excellent newcomers Floigl and Ercegovic Gracin will steal your heart away!

This festival also offers non-competitive programs with educational or other cultural objectives that go beyond competition, in cooperation with Croatian and foreign selectors as well as international festivals and institutes.
However, these include a retrospective of Danish film school films as well as programs dedicated to authors from this year’s author retrospectives, as well as programs of exploitation films among others.

Venues and Locations

Acquainting oneself with Zagreb’s film culture means more than simply seeing movies – it involves learning more about its venues and locations – including independent cinema.
Kino Tuskanac in Ilica is an essential stop when visiting Zagreb. It offers all of the latest releases and classic movies in an intimate environment surrounded by forests.
Kino Tuskanac is a favourite among filmgoers due to its cosy setting and selection of films – plus no dubbing! (as opposed to Hollywood).

Film enthusiasts can also take part in numerous festivals and events that celebrate both local and international cinematography and creativity, including the Zagreb Film Festival which provides filmmakers an outlet to display their work, as well as one of the oldest animation festivals Animafest Zagreb, held every two years since 1997.

Audience of the Premieres

Filmgoers seeking a personalized and enjoyable cinematic experience should turn their attention towards independent cinemas. Not only can these cinemas provide more memorable cinematic encounters, but they are also great opportunities for discovering rare cult classics that might otherwise be difficult to see at commercial theatres.
As well as screening movies, certain venues also host lectures, roundtables, discussions, book and film project promotions, exhibitions and performances that introduce friends and family members to art cinema. These events can serve as great introductions to its world.
Even despite some flaws – wonky character designs and an unfocused plot – Zagreb Film achieved an important milestone with this film, which marked their ambitious goal of providing reality with a stylized, humorous interpretation.
A key moment comes at the end when a character transforms his body into an inflatable canvas filled with various components from his surroundings – an indicator of their darkly comic worldview, which would come to define this style.

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