Fascinating Facts About Zagreb’s Historical Celebrations

Each March in Zagreb becomes an exhibition space for artists using cutting-edge lighting instruments to transform historical monuments into works of art – an unforgettable spectacle you don’t want to miss!
Davor Preis took it one step further when several years after Ivan Kozaric installed his sculpture called the Grounded Sun on Bogoviceva Street, he placed miniature planet statues that represented their position within our solar system – each at their exact size and distance from it.

Zagreb’s Christmas Markets

Advent for Zagreb has been recognized three times as one of Europe’s Best Christmas Markets and offers an extraordinary citywide experience that transforms this historic capital into an enchanted winter wonderland.
Boasting over 25 individual markets spread out throughout city squares and promenades – each one offering its distinctive theme or atmosphere – Advent truly transforms Zagreb into an incredible place during this festive time!
Scenography creates an unforgettable experience that will be enjoyed by the whole family, featuring authentic Croatian architecture and whimsical decorations that come to life.

King Tomislav Square will become a Winterland with funfair rides, Crystal Ice Park attractions, and even a chocolate museum!
Be sure to visit one of the markets, where charming stalls offer everything from decorative ornaments and handmade crafts, artisan gifts, delicious regional cuisine, and Kuhano vino mulled wine – as well as traditional sweet dishes such as Kutia (similar to creme brulee), Rozata and even traditional sweet dishes called Kutia!

Zagreb’s Solar System

In 1971, Croatian artist Ivan Kozaric created a two-meter-diameter bronze sphere known as the “grounded sun”, which stood on Theater Square until 1994 when it was relocated to Bogoviceva Street.
Ten years later, Davor Preis used the Grounded Sun as the centerpiece for his installation, Nine Views.

He placed stainless steel sculptures resembling planets (Pluto was still considered one at that point) around the city with dimensions proportionate to those found in our galaxy’s actual constellations.
Zagreb offers many exciting scavenger hunts for those interested in astronomy and puzzles alike; its street planets make an exciting scavenger hunt: Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth can be easily located while Pluto might prove more challenging to locate.
Jarun Lake, on the southwest corner, is an ideal location for leisure and recreation, offering fine shingle beaches, an award-winning regatta course, a jogging path around its perimeter, and an array of restaurants and bars nearby.

Zagreb’s Chandeliers

Zagreb stands out from many cities by not honoring athletes or political figures but instead paying tribute to its scientists. Nikolai Tesla (known for his contributions to modern alternating current electricity) is honored in Zagreb with streets named in his honor as well as statues at

Kaptol Square.

Other scientists are honored with statues throughout the city, such as Lavoslav Ruzicka and Vladimir Prelog. You can gain more insights into their groundbreaking work at the Old Chemical Laboratory which offers visitors a glimpse back in time.
At the Cest is the best street art festival held annually in June, artists take to the city streets to provide musical and other artistic entertainment to crowds of people. Meanwhile, in autumn the Zagreb Film Festival offers a wide range of international and Croatian movies as well as hosting an annual book fair and other literary events.

Zagreb’s Strossmayer Promenade

Strossmayer Promenade is more than just a historic site; it captures the soul of Zagreb and stands as evidence of its resilience, cultural richness, and lasting spirit. When strolling its cobblestone paths you’ll be entranced by its captivating blend of history and nature – it truly brings history alive!

Parks and gardens create a relaxing ambiance, helping visitors unwind in full. One such attraction is the Faculty of Science botanical garden which displays exotic plant species in an intimate environment.
Gastronomy delights can be found throughout this historic promenade, from authentic Croatian cuisine to international delights. For an experience of Croatian culture and heritage, Bistro Fotic provides a delightful dining experience featuring fresh ingredients in their Mediterranean-influenced menu with a special touch.

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